Monday, 21 March 2016

Attawapiskat Case Study

The problem in Attawapiskat:

- Many teens need to leave and go to Thunder Bay to get a proper High School education

- They need to leave because..... there is no high school in their town

- Elementary kids..... have a broken school because of a toxic diesel leak

- Their temporary school is...... run down and non heated portables

- Many of the students struggle with...... literacy (reading and writing)

- Justin Trudeau has pledged millions of dollars for fixing first nation education

I Think......
- that our government doesn't really care about it.
- it is a right for the kids to have a good education.
- the government should support FN schools like our schools.
- FN teens should not have to travel away from their families to go to school.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Shannen Koostachin: First Nation and Human Rights To Education

Math Conversion For Your Review

1 KG = 1000 G  -----> 1 x 1000

1 G = 0.001 KG ------> 1 divided by 1000

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


How To Write A Review

- Pick something that is interesting to review
- make sure you have seen it before

During Writing

Paragraph 1
- Introduce the film/tv show
- talk about when it came out

Paragraph 2: Critique The Movie Or Show
- you need to have four talking points
    - a talking point is something you LIKED or DISLIKED
- it can be a combo of both

- summarize what you think about the movie
- say if you would recommend it
- give a rating (it can be unique, or something like stars or thumbs up)


Mr. Ricci Movie Review #2

Batman Returns is the sequel to the 1989 Batman movie, Batman.  This movie was really popular when it came out.  I have a funny story about when this movie came out.  My Dad, brother, and I went to go to see this movie at the Markville movie theater.  I was very excited to see it.

At the start of the movie is a terrifying scene in which the Penguins henchmen show up to a Christmas party.  The scene TERRIFIED ME and my brother!  It scared us so much that we begged our Dad to take us out of the movie.  After watching only about 20 minutes of the movie, we went home.  We were too scared to keep watching.

As an adult, I have watched this movie many times.  It is good, but not really scary to me any more.  Are there any movies you remember that were scary to you then, but not so much to you now?